Bridges Out of Poverty //
Follow Up Training

Bridges to Health and Healthcare
Web Based Training
February 11, 2019

Training Summary
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Overview: Bridges to Health and Healthcare
Overview Presentation Handouts

Follow Up 1:  Language and Communication
Follow Up 1 Handout

Follow Up 2: Teaching the Hidden Rules
Follow Up 2 Handouts

Follow Up 3:  Helping Clients with Resources
Follow Up 3 Handouts

Follow Up 4:  A case Study
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Follow Up 5:  Using Visuals
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Data Training Webinars //
Resource materials are available:  Data Training Materials

Data Institute Session Summaries

1. Beyond the Information Age and Into the Filtering Age

i. Presented by Chris Salyers and Penny Black.  This session provides a good overall explanation of data, terms, and how to assess if data is of high quality and reliable. Slides on how to read data and assess if it is reliable have very good examples. Excellent for staff that are new to data but a good refresher for even experienced users of data.

2. Collecting Data Part 1

i.  This sessions covers a large number of data sources.  Support documents are extensive for finding data online.

3. Collecting Data Part 2

i.  This session focused on how to write survey questions for better data collection.  It provided research based suggestions on collecting your own data and increasing responses.

4. Cleaning Data and Analyzing Part 1

i.  Session focused on how to conduct data analysis in excel and how to transpose data into statements. Great for building excel skills for all. 

5. Analyzing and Interpreting Data Part 2

i.  This session focuses on additional data analysis tools and walked through examples with the Medicare data.

6. Crafting a Message

i.  This session focuses on how to more effectively message your materials. It is excellent for anyone who is working on outreach messages and materials.

7. Communicating Data

i.  This session provides information on creating charts, graphs, and visuals that are readable and easy to interpret.  The session also provides resources for accessing infographic samples and designing your own infographic.