Reduce Impact of
Substance Use Disorders

Priorities, Goals, and Objectives: Reduce the Impact of Substance Use Disorders

We are collaboratively working to improve outcomes through the following objectives:
Objective 5:1 - Reduce substance use disorders
Reduce the Impact of Substance Use Disorders Data
The 2019-2021 Community Health Improvement plan covered five stages of life:
1) Infants and Young Children (age 0-8);
2) Adolescents and Young Adults (age 9-18);
3) Young Adults (age 19-40);
4) Adults (age 41-64);
and Older Adults (Age 65+).

Following a county prioritization process, county priorities were compared across the region. Health issues where all four counties
identified a priority were selected as regional priorities. Additional goals and objectives for each county are outlined on the
following pages. This section provides data and analysis for the change in data from the indicators used in the 2019 report and
the data available as of August 2021.
  • Reduce substance use disorders